Dec 15

Adidas Goes Original

Despite the fact that the Turkish Energy Minister Yildiz T. links development of energy cooperation between Ankara and Tel Aviv with the Palestinian issue, the Turkish Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Uretim AS (ZOREN) for a long time co-ordinates plans to build a gas pipeline from the field Leviathan that would annually buy raw adidas originals sale.


Turkey believes that the gas deal with Israel to improve bilateral relations and create the necessary foundation for their development. However, Ankara fears that Tel Aviv will go on further rapprochement with Nicosia. Here he writes about it the head of the Turkish program at the Washington Institute S. Cagaptay “pipeline project from Israel via Cyprus to Greece, or a terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the island would be unprofitable for the Jewish state of Israel … is more profitable to supply gas to Europe via Turkey that require minimal investment. ” Expert exaggerating: “Most of the Arab countries or natural gas is not needed, or they do not have the means for its procurement. Greece is experiencing economic turmoil and unable to fulfill the long-term commitments to purchase significant volumes of gas. ” Cagaptay Tel Aviv sends a direct message: “Turkey – Israel’s only reliable buyer of gas.” The Turkish side is trying in every way to prevent the construction of LNG terminals in Cyprus, which devalue its transit potential in the European direction.

Ankara is not limited to the role of the consumer and transit. Anadolu Agency leads the position of officials from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which reiterated that the resources of the island belong to adidas sneakers for men, “Turkish Cypriots will not give up their rights to these resources.” Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in no uncertain terms: “Oil and gas offshore Cyprus is only possible if the Turks and Greeks living on the island, will be able to resolve the territorial dispute.” In Cyprus towards Ankara is trying to deprive Tel Aviv room for maneuver, turning it into a hostage large gas play. While Turkey mixes politics with the economy, China is valid.

Dec 04

Wine arrives in Man

Tomorrow, September 30, the territory of the Gal will cradle of teaching culinary excellence in Europe. In fact, landed at the international event Man Fredonia European Country Inn Project, funded under the Project “European Country Inn”, miss. 421 of the Rural Development Program of the regions of Apulia, Campania, Abruzzi, England, Sweden and organized in coordination with the GAL, Lead and technical support of the EEIG “European Country Net.”

It will take place in the captains (, , Lucero and Man Fredonia) but will cover the food and wine in Puglia, Abruzzi Region, Client, Lapland and Yorkshire and, in line with the overall objective of the project is to promote the ‘gastronomy Rural safety gloves partner jointly. For this reason, some thirty cooks belonging to the Italian Federation of Chefs and Chef of the various territories partners will visit some companies and will taste typical products.

The influential audience of professionals will come to Man Fredonia and will visit two companies, with their productions, are the pride of the land: l ‘”Solaria Clemente” and “Dairy of Pines.”

In addition to visits, moments of exchange and knowledge between chefs and surgical gloves in the region who will have the opportunity to present their culinary excellence? This moment will culminate in a dinner to be held on the evening of 30 September in one of the activities of the dining area became part of the circuit of “Country Inns of Europe.”

“A prestigious showcase for an area, which looks more and more confidence in the fact that extraterritorial count – says Michele Derrick, President of the Gal -. A truly important to promote the area and to value and support the local economy. ”

A month after the flood the Gurgaon rolls up his sleeves and expects the declaration of a state of calamity. Aalready spent almost a month from the violent meteorological phenomena, and although the scars are clearly visible, Gurgaon, its population and its institutions do not remain to look and cry on. The Community of the Park, Stefano convened by the President and the Mayor of Vista Yersinia Nobile, held in Monte last Friday, has decided to take some administrative initiatives to support the restoration of the territory with respect to damages.

Dec 03

Canned tuna parade

Pop up the hill I run as fast as I can I wanna take a good long walk by also won a run.  I passed my neighbor’s house and as I looked in the windows I realized his house was filled with cows.  It seems the local dairy farm lost their cows and the cows apparently thought they should all told two mind neighbors house.  The im not sure why they picked that particular house but the cows seem to be pretty comfortable there.  They were laying on the couch and sitting in the chairs and playing leapfrog scribble and write I thought that was a strange sight but one Cal was in the kitchen fixing dinner.  I’m not sure what to make of this but they were making a great meal.  I asked if it was hamburgers and they got very mad at me.  They suggested I should be a vegetarian like they are if I wanted to keep living.


I took the threat seriously and told them that that was a good idea so pass the lettuce and beans.  I asked why they left the farm and they told me they were tired of giving melt and they thought they should start out on a new life.  I suggested they might want to get their own house and educational kids games and not take my neighbor’s house.  They all agreed and said that they would leave tonight after dinner to find their own house.  I had to remind them if they live in a house they need to understand how to use a bathroom.  They look at me weird and asked what is a bathroom?  I told them I do not have the time nor the patients to explain that and I suggested the they might wanna go back to the farm where they get three meals a day and are only required to give a little milk.  The sounds like a good deal to me, so they all packed up and headed back to the farm.  My neighbor was very happy to see them go.

Dec 02

Child Development


6.RP.1- Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities of ed hardy perfume for women.

RI.6.4- Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative, connotative, and technical meanings.


Areas of Child Development:

Cognitive development is supported because children are making the connection between multiplicative comparisons and ratios.

Linguistic development is supported because children will be working in groups and their ideas must be explained clearly for others to understand.

Social development is supported because children must work together and have an understanding of ratios.

Gross/Fine Motor development is supported because students are up moving around the classroom and students are writing with a pencil/on the SmartBoard.

Physical same as Gross/Fine Motor

ed hardy c

Enduring Understanding:

Ratios describe the proportional relationship two quantities have.


Essential Question:

When and why do I use proportional comparisons?



Pre-assessment worksheets about solving problems involving multiplicative comparisons (done the day before)

Print pre-assessment worksheet.

Print worksheets for exploration of ratios in the classroom.

Prepare SmartBoard worksheet

Print out worksheets for ratio practice.

Print out Ticket-out-the-Door sheet with assessment rubric


Differentiated and Accommodation:

Students are working in groups so whatever way works best for them for solving the ratios, so differentiation is already present.  During instruction, if students need enlarged worksheets, ed hardy perfumes more work space, etc. that can be easily accommodated for them.  Students with IEPs will receive help based on what the IEP states to ensure that the goals are being met.



  • SmartBoard
  • Brain Pop video
  • Student worksheet
  • Pre-determined groups in a list format
  • Worksheet in Smart Notebook
  • Pencils
  • Clipboards
  • Engage NY: NYS Common Core Mathematics Curriculum



Students will be able to determine whether a ratio is an ordered pair of non-negative numbers, which are not both zero. Students will find that a ratio is often used instead of describing the first number as a multiple of the second.

Students use the precise language and notation of ratios (e.g. 3:2, 3 to 2).  Students understand that the order of the pair of numbers in a ratio matters and that the description of the ratio relationship determines the correct order of the numbers.  Students conceive of real-world contextual situations to match a given ratio.


Dec 02

Chicken Pasta a la Pana

Here we are at the second game that the prime minister is playing: is waging a tug of war with the so-called “powers”, both as the wives of the former parlor of Italian capitalism, both as a who’s boss indeed in Europe. There is also Draught among them? If it is true a rumor circulating in Rome as in Germany, yes. It seems that the famous visit that Renzi has made ​​this summer in Umbria, the president of the ECB has raised the “troika” (which this is no longer because now he lost his way the IMF), describing the intervention as an aid the first of which was to benefit the government and the prime minister went on a rampage, replying with a gladiatorial lumix fz.


The episode, plausible if not entirely true, panasonic lumix dmc-fz helps much more than many current conspiracy, to understand the unfolding of the plot of the film we are seeing, and we could holder “Renzi against the rest of the world.” Especially if you leave for a moment the most popular game of the moment, the exegesis of the bottom of the Carrier De Borolo – into which too many items of a personal nature because it helps to “read” the reports Renzi with “powers”, National and not – and you look carefully, however, as Wolfgang Munch au writes that the Financial Times has signature that reflects the thinking Frankfurt-Berlin axis, much more solid than some publications describe our local provincial. The thesis is lapidary: today’s Europe the biggest threat is called Italy, which has an economic situation so untenable that if growth does not start will go into default for excessive debt, with the exit from the Eurozone and the end the euro itself.


Hence the pressure that Draught has exercised, also on behalf of Merkel, on Renzi: first with the good (the discourse Vis a Vis), then with the bad (media messages). Of course it can be argued that these are undue pressure – but in this case you forget that Draught is continually asked to go beyond the boundary of its formal responsibilities, and that in any case if we are still alive is owed ​​to him – so how can you use the conspiracy dime about his alleged ambitions to Palazzo Chili (exclude) or to the Quirinale (already most likely) to evoke “occult plots.” The fact is that the “powers”, the judiciary in the first place, they felt the smell of battle, and they put two and two: if the ECB and Germany want commissar are Renzi or even make it out, it will be good sides suffered by the likely winner. Reaction that could be quickly stored as unrealistic, given that Renzi consensus has it and, so far, not even the duo recession-deflation has eroded. If it was not, though, that things are just as Munch au says: either the government is the key to recovery, or Italy crashed, and with it the Euro system.

Nov 25

Reading so you will remember later

Brett Lee spoke in Hindi, said hello after Modi’s speech but just before the speedo men former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee came on stage for a while. They present the beginnings of speech in Hindi hundreds tried to win the hearts of Indians. During this period, Modi met PM. Brett Lee photo with Modi even Twitter is posted on. Before eight o’clock PM IST morning arrived from Sydney to Brisbane. He was a grand welcome in the traditional fashion.


Shah Rukh and Salman distances and proximity are making headlines for the past several years. Salman Khan’s sister Arpita turmeric-music of these two brief swimsuit giants of Bollywood in the program once again came close. Khan participated in the turmeric and concerts.

Salman Khan on the occasion of turmeric and hugged music. Attended by many luminaries of Bollywood music and turmeric. Actress Amrita Arora joined the turmeric.

Arpita’s marriage on November 18. Salman to marry luxury heritage hotel “Taj Falaknuma ‘booked for two days and for wedding hotel is decorated in a special way. Bollywood and Tollywood dignitaries to be invited to the wedding. The entire hotel has been booked for November 18 to 19 in order to keep uninvited guests away from the ceremony.

Yoga guru Ramdev Z category security provided by the Centre. Sources founder of Patanjali Yogpeeth in Hardwar, Ramdev said the paramilitary commandos will be provided with immediate effect.

Nov 24

Things to Ponder

On Feb. 19, someone walking by Brás station, subway, between 9h and 16h, can make a spirometry test that detects the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Organized by the Brazilian Society of Thoracic Association (BTA), the sessions will take place in a tent where professionals will do a questionnaire that detects the need to take the exam. The idea is to spread the existence of the argan oil and raise awareness.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the disease is the fourth leading cause of death in the world, after myocardial infarction, cancer and cerebrovascular disease. WHO projections show that lung disease is the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2030. In Brazil, the disease kills at least 40 000 people per year. In the city of São Paulo, São Paulo’s population of 15%, with 40 years, suffering from COPD.

The vice-president of the BTA, Regina Maria de Carvalho Pinto, said that the characteristics of COPD are shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue on exertion, wheezing and respiratory failure. “Sometimes people do not know the term COPD and call it bronchitis or emphysema, better known by laymen terms. The vast majority of lung disease has the same symptoms of COPD, but other data records that call attention to the disease. ”

Regina explained that COPD affects preferentially smokers, people who have smoked at some time in life, individuals who come in contact continuously with smoke environment, such as a wood stove or burning biomass (cane sugar). “The vast majority of cases, 90% is among smokers. Symptoms begin to appear later and lead to impaired quality of life, in addition to causing systemic inflammation, with patients developing symptoms in other organs. ”

To complete the diagnostics is necessary to pass by spirometry, a test in which the person fills the lungs and breathes into a device that measures lung function. From a certain outcome is diagnosed. Treatment depends on the argan oil and keratin.

The doctor said that to prevent lung problems, “the first thing is to stop smoking.” Then she added, it is necessary for people to meet the schedule of “annual influenza vaccination to prevent lung crisis, doing physical activity or even attend a formal pulmonary rehabilitation program.”

Among the drugs indicated for treatment are bronchodilators, known as firecrackers, typically used by asthma patients. “The disease has no cure, but with this kind of treatment is achieved, in most cases, improve the quality of life and reduce [the] symptoms. If not treated, the disease progresses leading to progressive deterioration of lung function to respiratory failure, and may cause death. “

Nov 14

Independence Day response

The 15th of September commemorates the anniversary of Costa Rica’s Independence from Spain.  As a group we visited the town of Atenas to enjoy the Independence Day parade and subsequent hot wheels cars.  The parade moved slowly through the center of town around the park filled with smiling Tico families.  We observed many young girls with their parents dressed in traditional costumes of white shirts embroidered with toy cars and floor length skirts striped red, blue and white.  The Ticos I observed who were of a similar age to me were wearing school uniforms.  Those not in uniforms where dressed similarly to the style of young people in the united states but all wore bright colors and many wore jeans.  The ladies slightly older then us were dressed in pants despite the heat and even those who walked in the parade wore high heels.  In addition, the parade displayed of school troops of instrumental bands, ribbon girls and dance teams and community groups.


At my home in the United States our parades also host school bands, youth groups devoted to social service and local community clubs, many of the segregated by ethnic denomination, and local heroes such as fire fighters and police, but they also, first and for most honor our nation’s soldiers.  My home does not host a parade on our Independence Day but rather on Memorial Day.  A time intended to “honor those who have fought for our freedom”. Costa Rica however shows their differences in values but displaying the educated youth of the community.  Though they do not have an army to display it is clear that the values of the Tico people heavily emphasize education.  I enjoyed the light hearted and friendly vibe the emanated from the locals as we shared this important tradition with them.

Nov 13

New found glory

A whole new baby comes… great entertaining! You need to visit the newest mom and child inside the hospital. W hat in case you bring? Should you bring a great gift there or maybe wait until eventually they go back home? Should you have a cute infant onesies gift for your newborn? Mother? The more aged sibling? A lot of questions to take into consideration. But since i have have had three little ones and visited additional in a medical facility I’ll offer you some ideas that worked in my opinion.

The ideal gift even though visiting a medical facility is just time. Spend some time with the newest mom, new infant and be sure to take some sort of camera. My personal favorite newborn little brother onesie photos were drawn in the clinic and directed at me through my site visitors. Looking back again you can’ recall how very little the infants were or maybe who really visited. Getting shots commemorating the wedding are great to maintain and seem back upon in recent times as the small one grows up. A special gift certainly! Spend moment holding the small one presenting mom some sort of needed break ¦while on the hospital. Send daddy out with regard to coffee or maybe give him enable you to run household and bathe. If you have time give it willingly towards new household. Food is definitely a beneficial gift too whenever you visit a medical facility! Snacks for your room are usually handy and chocolate chip cookies are perfect for mom, dad as well as other siblings exactly who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies?

When the new mother gets home the most beneficial gift to bring is meals or some sort of cleaning lady. New mums are also busy in order to cook and clean and having someone do that for these people is this kind of relief! Of course, cute very little sleepers or maybe outfits are usually good also. If there are siblings in your house you might want to consider something for the particular older sibling–coloring guide, ball, hop rope; something that can keep the particular older buddy or cousin occupied even though mom attends to the baby. Personalized gifts are specifically good if the newborn provides brothers or maybe sisters. It’s nice to obtain something new and just for these people and positioning their name onto it makes it extra special.

As soon as parents buying a new baby, the older sibling is a first dubious with the new little one’s existence. Once the hard evidence is presented on the toddler, the older sibling will summarily deny the new baby and treat it with contempt. For as long as the toddler has become alive, he had been the midst of the planet. Loving mothers and fathers, and every one of the toys he is able to handle. Here’s the baby, a principal threat on the small in addition to fragile world with the toddler, an infant brother.

This can be a immediate problem: Where do this invader originated from? Why is it here? Just said back, alright? I don’t need it. The older baby just continues on with their life because usual, until this individual realizes which the baby is taking up valuable parent time. He’ll almost certainly then believe and complete everything he is able to to catch the attention of attention returning to himself, as it ought to be. He will shriek in addition to throw items and generally make a whole nuisance associated with himself and so the attention will likely be taken from the baby.

He additionally sees that not only is parent using their old bibs in addition to burp cloths (I am Not a baby any more! ) but they are also dipping in to the sacred doll chest. The actual toddler today takes additionally measures through throwing temper tantrums in addition to crying without provocation. This really gets the attention of parent now, however, not the awareness he desires.

The mom, on another hand, can be a smart, active aggressive parent whom knows that this will come about. When this toddler was a tiny baby, she used an infant sling to cart him all around. As an infant infant, this toddler really liked this sling. And so warm in addition to cuddly, and right near to mom’s heart beat and food if important. Although he will not know this particular, he misses the little one sling. When this individual sees small brother staying carted about inside a baby sling, this individual reacts unconsciously. However, the lively proactive mom has got the dad tote around the child (for a limited time) throughout another little one sling.

Nov 12

Ecosystem Dynamics

It is increasingly important to develop a greater understanding of the nuanced ecosystem dynamics of the cloud forest as climate change and development in the area pose an ever-larger threat to its great gifts for men

After some observation, we hypothesized that the larvae of leaf miner insects might prefer the edges and tips of leaves because of greater nutrient availability in the tissue there. We also observed that some mining patterns were clustered one side of a leaf, while others crossed the center vein, and we were interested to examine the data to determine whether larvae were more likely to choose to mine one side of a leaf or both sides, and to examine what a correlation there would signify in terms of insect behavior and hugo boss cologne.


We gathered our data in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve on the morning of September 29, 2012.  Without the expertise to accurately identify specific species or families of plants, we tried to keep confounding variables to a minimum by focusing on understory plants with a similar appearance and texture. We hiked along trails in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve looking for leaves that met our basic appearance criteria (smooth edges & surface texture; prominent, symmetrical veins; alternate leaves; etc.) and showed evidence of larvae mining. While we remain uncertain of the taxonomic identification of the leaves surveyed, we do know that many of the leaves in our collection were of the family Rubiaceae. We measured the length of each leaf and the width of the larva trail at its widest point, and took a picture of each leaf to record the appearance of the trail.

In total 38 samples were categorized by three characteristics based on the position of the mining trail.  We observed weather the trail was predominantly in the tip, center, base or spanning the entire length of the leaf.  The second characteristic was if the larvaes’ trail showed a preference for consuming the edge of the leaf.  The final category was whether there was a mining preference to the left or right side side of the leaf.  The data collected was formed into a graph showing the numbers of the mining trails which did or did not have a preference for the edge of the leaf and which section (tip, center, base, or all over) in which the majority of the mining trail was found.


Nov 10


General information about training services offered. The training services offered by The Lighthouse Foundation are defined within the mission required by statute, particularly in the activation of orientation and training initiatives to facilitate the job placement of young people in difficulty.


It is therefore guidance and training services primarily developed in the professional areas that enable an immediate marketability in the labor market and do not require -a formation of base-level or high-level prerequisites, or excessively long periods for the acquisition the necessary skills and avery badges. This includes avery white 3 x 4 inch name badge insert refills 300 count (5392).

In this scenario, and for these purposes, the Foundation has classrooms, laboratories and equipment designed to train professionals to be based in the area of ​​food (pizza chef, baker, ice cream, pastry chef, bartender, waiter) both in the dell ‘ technical craft (carpenter, plumber, upholsterer, tailor, screen printers, hairdresser, electrician, warehouseman, gardener, etc..).

Since this is a setting “priority of beneficiaries,” the buyers are identifiable: All life gives you opportunities to learn, to grow, to build. We’ve all experienced how valuable and crucial-especially in times of trouble-also meet someone who inspires us to believe in ourselves and gives us a hand to spread, in other words someone who becomes for us just that opportunity we needed.

The Lighthouse wants to be for boys and girls who attend it exactly that opportunity: he wants to be the hand that helps them to leave, the friendly atmosphere that makes them believe in themselves, the concrete time in which we learn, of course, is designs.

We are here for. If our welcome, teach, encourage and suggest not transformed at the end into a concrete opportunity and will to live, we would have wasted our time. We’re here because it seems fair that everyone can make his race, even those who find themselves a little ‘back after the first round. It ‘a long race and we want everyone to find their stride, they give the best of themselves and participate happy to do so. We believe it is possible.